Clinical trials and experimental
Serological values of SCF investigation in malignant melanma
Stem cell factor (SCF, steel factor, CD117) is a cytokine that influences proliferation, differentiation and migration of cells by coupling with its specific receptor c-kit, expressed on different types of cells, including melanocytes.

In malignant melanoma, SCF promotes tumoral proliferation, maintain melanocytes in differentiated stage without producing apoptosis and promotes metastasis.

In our study we have investigated by ELISA, the serological values of SCF in 20 patients with malignant melanoma, 12 with primary melanoma and 8 with metastatic melanoma. 

First lot results were as follows: 1 patient with elicited value (1600 pg/ml), 7 patients with normal values, 4 patients with decreased values (450pg/ml,
500 pg/ml, 150 pg/ml, 580 pg/ml).

In the second lot, results were as follows : 6 cases with decreased values (420 pg/ml, 510, 500, 480, 510, 520 pg/ml) and 2 cases with normal values. Results indicate a decrease of the serological values of SCF most likely by consumption at the tumoral level.

The importance of SCF and c-kit receptor in tumoral proliferation, makes these complexes a therapeutical target for melanocyte tumoral proliferation blocking.