Clinical trials and experimental
Morfophysiological particularities of ageing skin: gender-related differences
Personal observations concerning the notion of “focal” infection
Identification of a possible array of specific variations of cytokines in the context of the appearance of cutaneous manifestations, in patients with HIV-AIDS, in Romania
Stress a trigger for alopecia areata
Clinical cases
Syringocystadenoma papilliferum
Hydroxychloroquine treatment in Arndt-Gottron syndrome (Scleromyxoedema) - case report -
Bowenoid papulosis
Cutaneous larva Migrans
Severe drug reactions: discussions on a case of lamotrigin induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome
General reviews
Perforating dermatosis and diabetes mellitus etiopathogenic considerations
Clinical, epidemiological, phisiopathological and histopathological aspects of keratoacanthoma
Stress involvement in acne
In memoriam
Dr. Gheorghe Bucur