Clinical cases
Benign Cutaneous Polyarteritis Nodosa – a case report
Cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa is regarded as a benign disease, which differs from systemic polyarteritis nodosa although their histopathological features are common. Cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa involves local dysfunction of the circulation from the dermis to the
subcutaneous tissue. From a therapeutic point of view it was not so carrefuly scrutinized as the systemic form, hence the absence at this moment of a reccomended therapeutic algorithm. We present the case of a 64 year old male who experienced a positive clinical outcome under a short period of systemic corticotherapy associated to platlets antiaggrenat therapy and to drugs enhancing the erythrocyte resilience; carefull wound care contributed too to the complete remission of the lesions and to the absence of the recurrences untill now, for a period of theree years.