General reviews
Biomarkers for prognostic assesment in malignant melanoma (Part I)
The unpredictable evolution of malignant melanoma made necessary the finding of factors with biomarker value, well correlated with tumor evolution process, for prognostic assessment of the disease. In the latest decades numerous biomarkers were considered respectively, biologically measurable structures, on the basis of which at least two aspects were assessed for malignant melanoma evolution: period of time till metastases occurrence, medium life span. In our study we aimed evaluation of these markers starting with their level of expression : clinical level, histological level, immunohistological level, serological level and the genetic one.
There are presented the main biomarkers used, at present, for each level of expression, considering the correlation between these markers presence and tumor process evolution, establishing the prognostic value for each presented marker.
Our study aims to follow up the prognostic value assessment of these factors, of clinic close utility but also in the perspective of a new immunological or genetical therapies in malignant melanoma.