Clinical cases
Lichen planus localized herpes zoster-like
Lichen planus, the prototype of lichenoid dermatosis, is an inflammatory dermatosis with unclear etiology, with cutaneous and mucosal involvement clinically and histopathologically typical , with chronic evolution in majority of the cases, but self-limited.

We present you the case of a 45-year-old woman with an erythematous eruption formed by violaceous, shiny and nonpruritic micropapules and erythematous macules, localized on the left intercostal area and also on the anterior and posterior thoracic region up to anterior and posterior median lines. The patient was first diagnosticated with intercostal herpes zoster and was treated for this viral infection, but without succes.

We decided to perform a cutaneous biopsy, which sustained the diagnosis of lichen planus, and afterwards we initiated the treatment with systemic and topical steroids.
The evolution was favorable, with improvement of the eruption and without new lesions at periodic clinical evaluation.
The case is interesting from the point of view of the localization and clinical aspect of the eruption, which led to a misdiagnosis.