Clinical trials and experimental
Common psoriasis and metabolic syndrom

Psoriasis is a autoimmune multifactorial skin disease with cronic evolution and has no known curative treatment. Therefore, the treatment of co-morbidities and especially their prophylaxis is very important.
This study tries to establish the existence of associations between common psoriasis and MS (metabolic syndrome) and also, the relationship between the components of MS and psoriasis. For this, we conducted a case control study involving 76 adult patients with psoriasis and 57 with other skin disorders. The clinical evaluation and the paraclinical parameters revealed the comorbidities.
After their analysis, MS was found present in 37% cases in the case group and just 14% in the control group. Moreover, after applying the CHI2 test, a value of p=0,003 (0,001<p<0,01) was found. This shows a highly significant statistical association between psoriasis andMS.
Our results suggest that there is a strong correlation between psoriasis and MS in Romanian patients, supporting the importance of prophylactic measures in this population.