Virgil Patrascu - Dermatological Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infections

The third edition of the book “Dermatological Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infections” of Prof. Virgil Patrascu, MD, PhD, published in 2014 by SITECH Publishing House from Craiova, represents, in my opinion, an editorial event, being a very useful guide for training in Dermato-Venereology.
Given the current avalanche of modern day information, we are compelled to admit the fact that each publication requires periodical updates. Considering the continuous discoveries concerning pathogenic mechanisms and the therapy of skin diseases, I find this book, which is published six years after the first edition, and two years from the previous edition, to be a welcome and valuable addition in its respective field of medical research. In the 708 pages of the book, we can find modern, fundamental concepts related to the main dermatological.