Clinical cases

Primary mucinous carcinoma is a rare malignant tumor that most frequently occurs in the periorbital area.
This tumor originates from the deepest portion of the eccrine sweat duct. It is difficult to differentiate this tumor histologically from metastatic lesions.

We present a 78 - years - old man with 3 years history of slowly augmentation, asymptomatic reddish nodule on the right supraclavicular area and presented in our clinic.

No lymphadenopathy was evident in the head and neck region.
The clinical exam, histopathological examination and systemic investigations confirmed the diagnosis of primary mucinous carcinoma of the skin.

To ensure complete tumor removal, the patient underwent surgery in an oncological safe manner. He
remains disease-free 13 months after surgical excision, surgery procedure appears to be a rational and effective treatment for this type of cutaneous tumour.