General reviews

Telemedicine is a worldwide practice, providing remote specialty healthcare, using telecommunication technologies such as audio, video and data communication to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients over a distance. Throughout history, people have tried different ways of long distance communication, especially in terms of healthcare, because a doctor's medical opinion was essential and also hard to get.

So far, teledermatology has been implemented in dermoscopy, dermatopathology and chronic wound care.
However, other chronic skin disease, such as psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, rosacea and skin cancers can be evaluated and monitored using store-and-forward methods.

Conclusions. In order to develop a teledermatology platform, Romanian dermatology requires specific protocols and equipment for taking and sending photographs. A dermatologist would then review the data using store-andforward method and respond with a diagnosis and therapeutic algorithm. Despite the advantages that teledermatology brings, some physicians, especially dermatologists, are still reluctant to the innovative technology, which they consider impersonal. Due to this controversy, that teledermatology creates a gap between the patient and the dermatologist, a Romanian survey among dermatologists is helpful to establish the potential use of a teledermatology platform in Romania.