Clinical cases

Leiomyoma is a benign tumor arising from smooth muscle fibers. It most frequently occurs in the uterine smooth muscle. The skin is the second most frequent location of leiomyomas.
We report the case of a 72 years old female patient who addressed our clinic for multiple cutaneous tumors located on her face and neck. The patient asserts that the lesions had first occurred approximately 20 years beforehand and evolved by increasing in number and dimensions. For approximately 5 years the lesions have been associated with pain, especially after exposure to cold, pressure or emotional stimuli. Her personal and family history are unremarkable.
The physical examination and laboratory findings were within normal range. The clinical diagnosis of cutaneous leiomyoma is supported by several biopsies performed over the years.
Due to the high number of lesions and their location, surgical treatment was not possible. The treatment consisted of multiple cryotherapy sessions associated with calcium channels inhibitor, with modest results.
Multiple leiomyomas represent a real treatment challenge, the therapeutic options available so far being limited. Under those circumstances, identifying new therapeutic agents which might control leiomyoma associated pain is of paramount importance.