General reviews

Adnexal malignant tumors are neoplasm originated in the adnexal skin structures (glands, hair follicles) and can develop on previously healthy skin, but usually they appear due to the malignization of different varieties of benign tumors. They represent a special chapter in oncological dermatology. These tumors are rare, well individualized, with a diagnosis sustained only on histopathological exam and immunohistochemistry. They have no distinctive clinical feature, which can make even an experimented phisician miss the diagnosis, after performing only a clinical exam. Adnexal malignant tumors are represented by: malignant tumors of the sebaceous glands; malignant tumors with appocrine and eccrine differentiation; malignant tumors with follicular differentiation. These groups include multiple entities, for each being presented the clinico-evolutive particularities, histopathological aspects, immunohistochimical and therapeutical conduit.