Clinical cases

Grover’s disease is a monomorphic papulovesicular rash, asymptomatic or pruriginous, occurring mostly in Caucasian males over the age of 40.

64 year old patient is admitted to the hospital for pruriginous eruption consisting of erythematous papules, some covered by vesicles, found on the mid chest and upper limbs. Based on the clinical aspect, histopathological examination and direct immunofluorescence, Grover’s disease was diagnosed.

After receiving Acitretin 0,3 mg/kg/day treatment for 3 months, the patient’s condition improved, no new skin lesions appeared and the old ones subsided.

Grover’s disease remains a challenge both to the patient and the clinician because of its unpredictable evolution, varied response to treatment and, to this day, unknown etiopathogenesis, making a new therapeutic approach difficult.