Clinical cases
Hypermelanases are defined as hyperpigmentative skin disorders resulting from quantitative abnormalities (melanin excess) or qualitative melanin pigments. Hypermelanosis can be determined by genetic and acquired factors. Some melanosis occur by increasing melanogenesis under the influence of genetic factors. Other melanosis occur by increasing the number of melanocytes (Mongoloida patch, Ota nevita, Ito nevul). Other melanomas occur under the influence of hormonal factors, UV, chemical compounds and cosmetics. Riehl’s melanosis (cosmetic pigmentary dermatitis or facial melanoma of women) is a skin disorder that is manifested by the appearance of a pigmentation in the cephalic extremity encountered especially in women and in the appearance of which cosmetics, detergents and sunlight appear to play a role important. We present the case of a 43-year-old patient presenting in our clinic for a dramatic facial melanoma with a major negative impact on the emotional state of the patient. Diagnosis based on clinical examination, history, challenge tests and histological examination is Riehl’s melanosis