Clinical cases

Umbilical metastases with the primary site in the
respiratory tract, digestive tract, urinal and genital organs
are rare but these may be the first sign for abdominal cancer.
The most common primary malignancies of secondary
umbilical determinations are adenocarcinomas of the
digestive tract and the female genital tract. In the medical
literature, the umbilical metastases are called „Sister
Mary Joseph” nodule (SMJN). We present the case of a
82 years old obese woman that comes to our Dermatology
Department for the appearance of an umbilical node.
The physical examination reveals the tumor mass with
approximately 2 cm diameter, irregular contour, firm,
painless. The histopathological examination, supplemented
by immunohistochemical examination of the biopsy piece
from the umbilical formation, established the diagnosis of
cutaneous metastasis from endometrial adenocarcinoma. In
this way, the complex therapy can improve the prognosis,
which usually is an unfavorable one, due to late detection of
the primary tumor.