General reviews
Prevention and treatment of cutaneous lesions amoung healthcare workers in the context of coronavirus pandemic 2020

The coronavirus epidemic was a time of reset in all
areas and especially in the medical field. In attempt to limit
the spread of the virus, the medical staff used disinfectants
with irritant but also allergic potential that, used for a long
time, lead to the removal of the protective lipid layer of the
skin. Thus, the medical staff is exposed to the appearance of
acute allergic or irritative dermatitis, the aggravation of
some already existing chronic dermatitis (eg: latex contact
dermatitis) or superinfection with various other germs.
It is important to note that these adverse reactions to
disinfectants may take mild, localized or severe forms with
significant spread and urticarial phenomena. Considering
the lesions located at the level of contact areas with
bactericides or due to the protective materials used
(occlusive masks, glasses) with the impossibility of carrying
out subsequent medical activity, it becomes practically
mandatory to raise awareness of medical staff and provide
means of protection and possible treatment for these