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Syphilis in the third millennium

Syphilis, a sexually transmitted infectious disease in
most cases, is the main venereal disease in the world and is
one of the most important problems of modern medicine,
although its incidence is steadily decreasing.
Material and methods: We conducted a retrospective
study, over a period of 3 years, on the main forms of
Syphilis (primary syphilis, secondary syphilis, latent
syphilis, congenital syphilis, neurosyphilis), which
included a total of 105 patients hospitalized in the
Dermatovenerology Clinic of the “Sf. Spiridon” Emergency
County Clinical Hospital, Iasi, from 2016 to 2018.
Results: This article highlights the incidence of the
different clinical forms of lues found in the studied patients:
Primary syphilis with an incidence of 15%, Secondary
syphilis 26%, Early latent syphilis 28%, Late latent
syphilis 20%, Early congenital syphilis 4%, Late
congenital syphilis 7%, results similar to data in the
specialized literature.