General reviews


This article proposes an analysis of tattoos, not only as body modification, but as a distinct expression of culture, social status and art. In a world of permanently changing trends, tattoos evolve, combining tradition with modern tendencies, reflecting one’s identity, culture and creativity.

We will analyse, through history, the way in which tattoos have evolved aesthetically and through the modernization of the materials and tools used, while also focusing on the psychological impact tattoos might have on an individual. The article will also present the medical aspects of the tattoos, the immune processes involved in tattooing and potential complications of this practice. An important aspect the article will highlight is the social impact of tattoos in the modern society. We will present the way tattoos can influence the social perception of an individual and how the modern society is transitioning towards a better acceptance of this form of self expression.

In summary, this article offers a comprehensive look onto tattoos, highlighting them as complex ways of self expression, tradition and creativity, in an everchanging world.