Clinical cases
Gigantic squamous cell carcinoma developed on neglected vulvae lichen sclera-atrophic
Lichen sclera-atrophic (LSA) is a chronic inflammatory dermatitis, with the cause which is still not specified that can affect any part of the body but most often interested in the genital region. It is a relatively rare disease, most common in females, and the onset can occur at any age. Etiology is incompletely elucidated; there are some possible factors involved: genetic, hormonal, infectious, autoimmune, local trauma. They are described two types of clinical manifestations: genital damage (85-98% of cases) and extra-genital damage (15-20% of cases), that can sometimes coexist. The most serious complication is the emergence of a squamous cell carcinoma in approximately 5% of women and 9% of men with genital injury. Attempts several methods of treatment for genital lesions, but most common are used topical corticosteroids.