Historical malignant skin tumors
The term „historical tumor“ is a term worthy to be noted in the medical history and literature by imposing size, location, evolution and therapeutic issues that make these tumors. In the French medical literature the adjective „historical“ applies most often of the tumors that reached an impressive volume1. In Anglo-Saxon literature we find the term „giant“ to name exceptional sized tumors with possible therapeutic or diagnostic indications2, 3, 4. De Bree et al.5 considered a basal cell carcinoma as „giant“ when it has over 5 cm in size. They also published a patient with abdominal basal cell carcinoma 30x20 cm in size incriminating the patient’s negligence and the fact that the tumor was covered by clothes. The same authors have coined the term „supergiant“ for basal cell carcinomas measuring more than 20 cm.