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Diabetes mellitus represents a predisposing factor for
dermatological conditions, 25% of the patients developing
foot ulcer pathology with possible further complications.
The foot ulcer is a pathological entity which puts the patient
at risk for amputation and death, being an intense favorable
condition for peripheral artery disease (PAD), neuropathies
and local infections.
Aim. Assessment of amputation risk in dermatological
conditions compared to diabetes mellitus and DALY
(Disability Adjusted Life Years) analysis.
Material and method. The electronic data from 2018
of the dermatology and diabetes departments patients were
analyzed, comprising a total of 1,770 admissions, to
determine the diagnosis and to asses the risk of amputation.
Results. A number of 681 dermatological patients and
1,089 diabetes mellitus patients were included in this
study. Death rates were 0.44% (n=3) for dermatological
patients and 3.3% (n=36) for diabetic patients. A number
of 123 amputations were performed in the diabetes
department (11.29%) compared to only 2 amputations
(0.29%) in the dermatology department. Odds ratio OR for
amputation is 44.0223 times higher for diabetics compared
to non-diabetics (95% CI 10.8512- 178.5942; P < 0.0001).
Total DALY reached 669 years, 355 Years of Life Lost YLL
due to premature mortality, and 314 Years Lost due to
Disability YLD.
Conclusion. The dermatological conditions associated
with diabetes mellitus present a high morbidity rate
through infectious complications and amputations, both of
them being medical conditions leading to notable death