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Skin contact spectrophotometry in the study of imbalances of oligominerals and chronic tissue poisoning with heavy metals in skin diseases

In order to evaluate the nosological, pathogenic and
therapeutic implications of changes in tissues of
concentrations of oligominerals and especially the
concentration of heavy metals and their role in the start of
immune and autoimmune phenomena in skin pathology,
we explored by skin contact spectrophotometry a number of
77 patients (17 patients with plaque psoriasis), 18 patients
with autoimmune dermatological disorders ( vitiligo,
alopecia areata) and 44 patients with skin allergies ( chronic
rash, chronic eczema, dermographism). We noticed the
decrease in the concentration of magnesium in the lot with
psoriasis (average concentration of 28.5) and in the lot with
autoimmune disorders, (average concentration M of 25.8);
we found low values for Silicium : 13.12 average value in
the lot with psoriasis : 11.08 average value in the lot with
autoimmune disorders and 12.76 average value in the lot
with allergic disorders. Chrome was lower in the lot with
psoriasis (average value of 0.70) and in the lot with allergies
(average value 0.74). The dosage of heavy metals in tissues
showed the increase of concentrations in all the 3 lots for
Aluminium, Silver, Barium, Bismuth ,Cadmium, Mercury
and Lead with the highest concentrations for Aluminium in
patients with allergies, for Silver in patients with psoriasis,
for Barium for patients with allergies, for Bismuth in
psoriasis and for Cadmium and Mercury in patients with
psoriasis and for Lead in patients with allergies. We found
increases of tissular concentrations of Arsenic in patients
with allergies and autoimmune disorders and increase of
Beryllium in patients with psoriasis and allergies. The
results plead for the important involvement of these
changes in the pathogeny of skin disorders with immune
and autoimmune mechanisms studied and require
therapeutic consequences (alkalinisation and chelation
therapy for heavy metals)