Clinical cases
Lips psoriasis – an unusual location
Psoriasis is a recurrent chronic skin disease affecting approximately equal numbers of males and females. Common sites of involvement are the extremities, trunk, scalp and nails. Lip involvement is rarely seen in psoriasis.

Clinical case: 
A 58-year-old woman, with psoriasis vulgaris in her history, presented to our clinic with erythema with fissures and desquamation over her lips, extending beyond the vermillion border. Also she presented erythemal-squamous plaques typical for psoriasis in the trunk and limbs. Histopathologic examination of a biopsy taken from the lip confirmed the diagnosis of psoriasis. Her lesions completely cleared following 2 weeks of treatment with topical mometasone furoate 0.1% ointment.

Psoriasis of the lips may be the single manifestation in psoriasis where clinical differentiation of other disorders may be challenging and precise diagnosis can only be made by histopathological examination.
Psoriasis of the lips is associated with moderate to severe discomfort; it also presents a significant cosmetic and psychological problem, especially in women.