Clinical trials and experimental
Dopamine expression in malignant melanoma
Randomized comparative trial evaluating the efficacy and tolerance of a topical anti-inflammatory and antibacterial seboregulator (containing salicylic acid + zinc + 5 alpha avocuta), associating a topical antibiotic (Metronidazole), on subjects with mild to moderate acne vulgaris
Topical psoralen and natural ultraviolet radiation treatment for alopecia areata
Clinical cases
Metatypical carcinoma nasal pyramid in a pacient with lewandowsky- lutz verruciformis epidermodisplasya and hodgkin lymphoma mixed cellularity
Loxoscelism - first observations in Romania
Eruptive syringomas
General reviews
The diagnosis of human papilloma virus (H¬PV) external genital infections
Severe acne variants and acne-associated syndromes
Pseudofoliculita barbii - o perspectiva dermatoscopica
Virgil Patrascu Boli dermatologice si infectii sexual-transmisibile Editia a II-a